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Welcome to L2Gold.US

9 Months Online / 300-400 Daily active.

It's summer so do not judge the server at this period,By september we'll get More ppl and More updates,there is no reason to make updates now.!


A Second server is running on 14/7/2014 20:00 GTM +2.

L2GOLD.US X 90 IS RUNNING!! & When players on x 90 reach the players on x45 [Gears e.t.c] We will merge both servers and Run only 1!

People Already gathering items easier on x90,Players that stood no chance on x45 are Farming on x90 and getting items.

It Is a Huge chance for those who want to join NOW!,You can farm easier,More raids,Easier Exp!

YOU have to full-check our updater in order to 
download the latest files.
LAST UPDATED ON Thursday, 27 JULY 2014 14:27